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Mar 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
the nation, we can feel the thirst for change and the need to do things differently. although, there have been many senseless losses before and since sandy hook, we are determined to make this a turning point for our country. our children can't deliver the legacy that we as parents are instilling in them with the morals and the values. so it is our job as parpts to deliver that legacy forward and be their voice. the change is needed to make our nation safer will take a long time to deliver. but we are not going anywhere. all of us working sandy hook promise are absolutely committed to this cause, and that is why this innovation initiative is so important having so many of the great minds responsible for developing and supporting major advances in technology and recent history for them to turn their attention to solutions to gun violence, mental health, school safety and community. it gives me hope, at a time when hope is most needed. in my family is deeply grateful for this hope and to be part of this positive change that will benefit all of us in the future, thank you. >> ben and jeremy
Mar 25, 2013 4:30am PDT
will be core classes in english, math and science. ccsf, officials say the change will deal with one of the criticisms from the state's accreditation board enrollment management. >> what a wonderful weekend as far as the weather is concerned. are we going to have more of that to come? >> no. we actually have a change. good morning to you. happy monday. temperatures on the chilly side. this is the one day where no rain chances are in the forecast. starting tomorrow, we have the chance for showers. our chances aren't that great. it is a really interesting setup. let's get to other headlines. throughout the day, patchy a.m. fog is going to take part in your morning commute. you want to keep that in mind in the north bay. mild afternoon with increasing clouds. ahead of that system, low pressure. as of tomorrow morning, tense level off. we are not going to get too cold. we have that chance for rain with an unsettled pattern going all the way through this upcoming holiday weekend. it new chances for rain each and every day like i said starting tomorrow. 69 in santa teresa. 60 degrees in sa
Mar 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
friday, his birthday, but thanks to our friends and wonderful community, it was changed from a day filled with pain and loss into one of beauty and positivity. it was a day filled with purple balloons and cup cakes and butterflies and smiles and laughter. it was a day dylan would have loved. >> three months after his death and i am still in a state of shock. that i know nothing will bring dylan back i am determined to honor him and the others lost that i am dedicated myself to saving other lives to insure that people don't need to go through and the pain that we are going through. if you are a parent, siblings, families, friends and communities. we met this morning with families from the local area, who have shared this experience, and have lost children and while it was very moving to see their inner strength and courage, the look of pain in their eyes has become all too familiar to me. it is the same pain i see in the families who also lost loved one on 12-14 and the same pain that i notice every time that i look in the mirror. love has so much that connects us because of our losses and
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am EDT
into the cpi, they don't boost the level of cpi. it's just a rate of change and the prices of things that are already out there. an interesting thing about the nature of new things that come in, new things, those who remember vcrs and dvd players, when they first came on the market they tend to be really expensive, and then they drop in price really fast. the cpi doesn't -- it does pick up the rapid drop in prices of stuff that comes up to be very expensive initially. new stuff is coming out all the time. and, of course, if your price index does not reflect anything about the real increase in incomes that generally happens for workers. okay, the second one which is number three, a modified version of price. back around the mid '90s, there was a change in the cpi w. that had been available for years and years. and is used for social security automatic cost-of-living adjustment, to reflect some other things to reflect some behavioral responses, behavioral practices that people have. there are 211 different categories of goods and services that build up all the cpi's. within each one of
Mar 15, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. they look for a man thought to be missing. >>> changes for oakland police. it is a whole new approach to fighting crime. >>> chaos on the san francisco streets today. update at noon. . >>> vandal im, carjackings, shots fired, it all started when a cab driver picked up a certain customer. now, it is the top story. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. this is a strange chain of events. it started with a vandalized taxicab and a shooting. brian flores joins us and explains how the suspect was found quickly. >> reporter: well the driver, suspect, officer, all of those people were not injured. if it wasn't for the cab's company investment in gps tracking, they may not have found the suspect so quickly. >> pacific heights is a quiet neighborhood. at 3:30 this morning, they flagged down a cab. the cab driver pulled over thinking it was a fare and as he did, it got loud. >> the suspects began jumping up and down. and they shattered the windshield of the taxicab. >> he took advice and locked all the doors. few minutes later. he opened the door and left the cab with the keys in the ignition. the
Mar 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the streets are going to change. they are putting in a huge arch. the with that they have reconfigured this street each will try to bring traffic near more businesses. grant has more of the details. >> it is called the route 238 improvement project and the city of hayward was nice enough to insure this fancy animation. to share this. interstate 580 itself and industrial parkway. downtown hayward is the loop. this will be one way. up and around and back again and start at fort hill and to mission other changes. the one-way traffic started a few moments ago. they have been adjusting and the $100 million project should be completely ready by monday morning. crews will be busy all weekend making some big changes to traffic in downtown hayward. some roads are being turning into one way streets. it's called the hayward loop. the changes could help businesses. the height of the project. they're hoping the changes will make it easier for people to shop. as we prepare for the saint patricks day festivites. set to fall on a sunday this year. officers all across the bay area want to remind driver
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
of a new pope present a chance for institutional change? plus, another installment of this week in voter suppression. >>> how to walk the fine line when protecting our streets. but first, the rape case igniting a national conversation and turning one small town upside down. good morning. i'm joy reid filling in for melissa harris-perry. a note of caution for parents watching this morning. we're getting started with a very sensitive story, so you may want to send children out of the room. this week two high school football stars from steubenville, ohio, went on trial after being accused of raping a 16-year-old girl from just across the ohio river, in nearby west virginia. now a crime and justice story in a small town like steubenville isn't usually the makings of national news and the alleged events on the night in question are sadly not remarkable for their rarity. we know that one in six american women is a survivor of an attempted or completed sexual assault. and we know 44% of survivors are under the age of 18. but thanks to an unusual aspect of this case, we all know now in graphic d
Mar 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
to bring you the forecast for your st. patrick's weekend. >>> it's a big change for the city of hayward, a new major project that changed two lanes of traffic into a loop through downtown. noelle walker reports about what the project is all about and why some business owners are worried. >> reporter: the preparations have been under way for weeks in downtown hayward. through new lights, new cameras and now action. >> change is good. most change is for the better. >> reporter: traffic signs have been warning drivers of tonight's big change. turning left is not right. >> we expect a little bit of confusion. >> we're doing this because it's eight clock. >> so you knew it was coming? >> yeah. >> reporter: at 8:00 the city flipped a new light on a new downtown hayward loop. it turns three main arteries into one way streets it's also turning some seasoned drivers into novice navigators. >> do you know what's happening? >> no. >> do you know where you're going? >> sushi. >> this animation shows the downtown loop around mission, foothill and eighth street. the goal of the $80 million project is
Mar 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
-march pink slip again. across the bay and across the state a pink slip picture has changed dramatically and teachers hope it stays that way. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. san francisco city college met a critical deadline today in the fight to keep the school open. ccsf filed a report today outlining the school's plans to address a long list of financial and administrative concerns. if things don't change, the college might lose its accreditation. now that the report has been filed, inspectors will visit the campus in april to verify the plan. a panel then has 45 days to announce whether the school will keep that accreditation. and state funding that goes with it. the school has an estimated 80,000 students. >>> tonight the parents of a missing scout valley man are leaving for utah where their man has been found alive and safe. less than an hour we received word that 20-year-old matthew abraham has been located in utah. matt disappeared earlier this week after a mountain bike accident which left him with a major head injury. a widespre
Mar 15, 2013 11:30pm PDT
change for the city of hayward, a new major project that changed two lanes of traffic into a loop through downtown. noelle walker reports about what the project is all about and why some business owners are worried. >> reporter: the preparations have been under way for weeks in downtown hayward. through new lights, new cameras and now action. >> change is good. most change is for the better. >> reporter: traffic signs have been warning drivers of tonight's big change. turning left is not right. >> we expect a little bit of confusion. >> we're doing this because it's eight clock. >> so you knew it was coming? >> yeah. >> reporter: at 8:00 the city flipped a new light on a new downtown hayward loop. it turns three main arteries into one way streets it's also turning some seasoned drivers into novice navigators. >> do you know what's happening? >> no. >> do you know where you're going? >> sushi. >> this animation shows the downtown loop around mission, foothill and eighth street. the goal of the $80 million project is faster traffic. congestion is graded from a which is sailing through to f.
Mar 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
garb, not in papal white but in simple priestley black. he changed later on. but in any case it was another sign of what we've been talking about all along, his humility. i took a closer look at the new pope in a story last night. >> translator: begin this journ journey. >> reporter: his journey began wednesday when cardinal jorge mario bergoglio of argentina was elected to lead the catholic church. he's the first non-european pope since the 8th century and first pope ever from south america. he will called pope francis, in honor of st. francis of assisi. bergoglio was born in 1936 in buenos aires, argentina. the son of an italian i'll grant, a railway worker. he had four brothers and sisters. he studied to brk a chemist before receiving the call to the priesthood. the 76-year-old was ordained a jesuit in december of 1969. and has served as orsh bishop of buenos aires. he was made a cardinal on february 21st, 2001. bergoglio is said to have been the runner-up in a 2005 concl e conclave. and in 2013 he was the oldest of the possible candidate, barely mentioned ad eed as a top
Mar 15, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. and the changes take effect tomorrow. >> new at noon. lorraine blanco is live to tell us how they hope to reduce crime. good afternoon, lorraine. >> reporter: good afternoon, torii. they hope that businesses and residents knew their police force. we talked with a council member this morning who said you will notice a difference in the next 24 howevers. >> we are going to increase the daily beat to evening on night. >> he knows the district needs relief. >> this is in the area on international. and it is a challenge. the robberies, the assaults, the vandalism. >> reporter: the city will be decided into five police districts and each consent rated in their own area. you will see more officers on the streets. available to merchants and neighbors. >> it is the right thing to do. and yet the crime is being committed in certain areas and we have to focus and regardless of the budget shortfalls, our community and our business people have high demands and expectations. >> reporter: like alfred garcia who owns this store. he said his customer orders appli
Mar 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
partnership with the federal government to bring two large solar projects to california. >> climate change is on the way. and we got to do something about it. >> governor jerry brown held a press conference in san francisco. the projects are in riverside county and a wind farm planned in november. they are expected to power 340,000 homes. >>> we start off the morning with coastal fog, dense fog advisory was in effect, we will see dense fog again tomorrow morning. fog moving in right now. that is the south tower of the bridge. i know we have fog by the cliff house, you can see it there. fog over the hills, it will have an impact on tomorrow's highs. 80 today in santa rosa. 84 morgan hill. temperatures drop off tomorrow. just going to drop off a couple degrees. instead of 80 degrees, we will be 68, 72. mid-70s as well. we are dry and we stay dry. we have been warm. we will stay warm but trend down because of the fog. model isn't picking it up. we have fog at the beach and towards pacifica and half moon bay. the fall will make it further inland tonight. the forecast highs tomorrow, about what
Mar 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
-- (indiscernible) someone who is debating -- (indiscernible) find a way to change the mind of people. (indiscernible) help to make that change. we heard from our supervisor david chiu, we spend more than 20 million dollars every year erasing graffiti. peoples property, huge amounts of money. (indiscernible) beautiful landscape, beautiful programs. we do have a huge -- ahead of us. i am looking forward to hearing the many ideas that will be coming out of a conference today. we have experts from law enforcement. we have experts from committed to groups. we have people from all around the country, all around the world that will be here to share many of those ideas. i know at the end of the conference everyone will leave feeling more empowered. you will learn ideas that you can go back and share in your communities. also today we will be having a press conference at around 11:30 also. and the press conference is i think one that will focus on many of the areas that we struggle. in san francisco we struggle a lot in the courthouses in terms of how to deal with vandals. sometimes in man
Mar 15, 2013 12:00am PDT
president in history. what he says now and have you changed your mind about him. >>> this is "piers morgan live." the first full day for pope francis begins with private prayer. he was at the main basilica for about 30 minutes before turning to the sistine chapel for his first mass, in italian. he asked the cardinals to have courage and said the church must move forward, a job that begins in earnest now that he's in charge. my first guests have a lot to say about the new pope and that's just for starters. mia farrow and martin sheen, hollywood icons, devout catholics and political activists. they join me now along with an impressive young man, craig kielburger who began the organization free the children. welcome to you all. i'm very excited about this. mia farrow, martin sheen making their debuts on "piers morgan live," two of my favorite actors in history. how about that. >> thank you. thank you. >> i don't want to blow too much smoke in your direction but let's just get that out of the way straight away. given that we're all catholic, all four of us are catholics. we will start with the
Mar 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
: in response with the same sympathies you have right there, they've gone to . there is a petition with 70,000 signatures demanding that cnn apologize for that coverage for not being sympathetic enough. 70,000 signatures already which is important. i thank criminal defense attorney and expert lou shapiro and anonymous for joining us as well 37 we now go to another story that is coming up next on "the young turks" which is a look at the stock market. it's climbing and climbing, but is this a middle class rally? >> cheers of joy and relief on the trading floor. >> is this good times ahead? (vo) the answer in a moment. brought to you by expedia. expedia helps 30 million travellers a month find what they are looking for one traveller at a time. break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only o
Mar 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
conservative. in a cnn exclusive, senator rob portman explains the personal reasons behind his change of heart. >>> and a bizarre and tragic medical mystery. a man dies after receiving a transplanted kidney tainted with rabies. how could this happen in the united states of america? how many other people are at risk right now? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." forget all those wacky scenes of north korea's leader joking around with dennis rodman. the united states, the obama administration, right now taking the north's threats of a nuclear attack very seriously. the pentagon has just announced it will beef up america's defense missile systems out on the west coast. in california, oregon, washington state. let's go straight to cnn's pentagon correspondent chris lawrence, watching what's going on. chris, a lot of us are stunned by this decision but update us on what is going on. >> wolf, we just came out of a briefing where we learned the pentagon is going to spend a billion dollars to put new intercepter missiles on the west coast. now, that plan includes react investigating a mi
Mar 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
if this unending winter means climate change is happening faster and faster. >> reporter: tonight, a blizzard is hammering the northern plains. messy highways in minnesota. high winds and whiteout conditions in north dakota. winter storm watches and warnings from virginia to maine. and there's a severe weather risk tonight. tornado watches and warnings already popping up. as the plows come out, millions of people put the boots back on for what may seem like the umpteenth time. spring officially arrives wednesday and it seems people are more ready than ever. >> it's kind of strange and unusual. >> it's certainly a lot different than it used to be when i was a kid. >> march should not be this cold. >> reporter: but is it that unusual? we looked at the data. for the lower 48, most meteorological winters in the last ten years have been above average. this winter was almost two degrees above average, so not colder, but warmer. and when it comes to tornadoes, last year there were just over 900 confirmed, less than every year since 2003. but the one factor that is definitely more extreme in recent h
Mar 12, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and know when tenants change and to understand it is still a design professional or if it's changed to some other office space that you may not want in there. so, generally it's been our preference to not regulate subsets of office separately. >> thank you very much. why don't we hear now from supervisor yee. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor breed for her questions. several of them were questions on my mind. thank you, supervisor kim, for your answers. it clarifies much for me. first of all, i want to really thank your effort, supervisor kim, in bringing this forth and working with the diverse community. i'm looking at the list of the task force and it includes not only community folks, but a diverse grouping of people and people from the departments. and i've been involved personally with large-scale, you know, plans and when you have more than two persons in the room trying to figure out what you should be doing, it gets very complicated. but to have the number that was in this task force, i'm surprised that you're even able to come forward with anything. and what i've seen, what
Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
in downtown walnut creek making changes in how they serve patrons. >> a new police substation is up and running in a part of san francisco that's known for increased violence. and a gun buyback event today in a bay area city known for gun violence. we'll have a live report. >> hello everybody. welcome to kron 4 news weekend. i'm ysabel duron >> i'm marty gonzalez we'll get to the news in a moment. but first, let's get a quick check of your forecast with janu. when good morning marty. we are taking alar to look outside the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the weekend, up plenty of sunshine and we're expecting sunshine this afternoon with warming temperatures. clear and cool during the overnight hours. it is chilly in the north this morning. 36 degrees in santa rosa and 38 degrees in napa. low '40's for the eastern shore. 46 degrees currently in san jose. 66 degrees today in los gatos 68 in oakland. a little chillier along the coast and the peninsula. we will season '70s and the north bay. 70 in santa rosa and napa. we will continue to feel the warming trend and look at the ex
Mar 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >> drivers on the golden gate bridge can expect to see some changes starting today as automatic toll officially kick in this week. the supreme court takes up the issue of same-sex marriages week, details ahead. >> check out this live shot from our mt. tam, a beautiful start to the morning. temperatures right now mainly in the 40's and '50's but we have dropped into the upper 30 degree territory for some of our upper north bay valleys. we have been monitoring the potential for wet weather, the latest model shows backing off on the chance of midweek rain. i will talk about when you will need your umbrella is coming up in just a few minutes. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge, traffic moving well in the southbound direction. your quick commute check shows like conditions for the north bay and the ride for the golden gate bridge. light conditions as well for the peninsula. still doing pretty well in the south bay, more east bay freeways including interstate 888680 are showing some signs of slowing along with i way for their antioch and 583 of the mob pass. >> i will remind everybod
Mar 17, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. >>> this tuesday, marking ten years since the start of the iraq war. has our opinion of the conflict changed since then? we've got a new poll for you that shows time may not heal all wounds. >>> and the carnival legend is back in tampa after technical difficulties. it is the latest in a series of problems for the beleaguered carnival cruise line. es around the world that sell stolen identities? >> 30-year-old american man, excellent credit rating. >> announcer: lifelock monitors thousands of these sites 24 hours a day. and if we discover any of our members' data for sale, lifelock is there with the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. [♪...] [squealing, crash] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. >>> a deadly scene at a northern california racetrack last night. there was an accident during warm-up before the race began. a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy were killed when a car lost control and slammed into the pit area at the marysville raceway. the race announcer described what he saw. >> when i saw people running so rapidly towards that area i thought it was
Mar 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
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Mar 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
-sex marriage now tells our dana bash why he had a change of heart. we will talk to senator john mccain as well, if he agrees. r? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. but honestly... it's not that hard. ♪ ♪ twith blackberry hub10 and flick typing. built to keep you moving. see it in action at [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. from capital one...
Mar 12, 2013 3:00pm PDT
unintended consequences. even though supervisor yee is correct that in the future maybe you can make changes, it's often very, very hard to change these things once they're in place. as supervisor campos and i have been working on the alcohol mission youth district, dramatic, dramatic restrictions on alcohol in the mission 20 years ago to address certain concerns and a hammer was used instead of something a little more nuanced. so, we're seeing significant problems today and we're really struggling with how to address the problems created by that -- for those zoning restrictionses. and we've seen it in other areas as well. we see an issue, we impose a categorical response and it causes issues. we've seen it in these certain neighborhoods there are questions about the pdr. is pdr defined broadly enough? does it need to be zoned that way in every instance? i think it is a fair discussion to have. i do understand that i don't appear to be in the majority of this, and that's fine. i wanted to explain where i was coming from. so, thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. just some final words.
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, possibly change the mentality of a youth or help a parent to have more of an awareness to where their children are and what they are doing. the adults need to take responsibility and guide these children. i ask every person listening, what if this was your daughter, your sister or your friend? we need to stress the importance of helping those in need and to stand up for what is right. we all have that option to choose. this is the start of a new beginning for my daughter. i ask that you all continue to pray for her and all victims and please respect our privacy as we help our family to heal. thank you. >> reporter: pretty incredible, anderson, that broader message of hope coming from a mother of a victim who has gone through absolute hell. she said two things that really stood out to me. she said help those in need stand up for what is right. when i was here months ago first reporting on this, i sat down with the police chief here in steubenville and he told me what bothered me most about all of this, of course the rape and the fact that there were witnesses and very, very few o
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am PST
avenue. >>> it is changing and we have showers up in petaluma and out to the west and there is a little bit of activity north of hayward and the coverage on the south is out in the gilroy area. especially tomorrow we have a few thunderstorms and the weekend things will clear up and we will have updates on mornings on 2. >>> also coming up, we continue to follow that s.w.a.t. team standoff in san francisco and things are changing by the minute. >>> two separate arson incidents at two separate hospitals, stay right here with us. >> reporter: heavy rain and strong winds moving across the bay area overnight. mum, we'll break down rain timing for today and when thunderstorms could be added to the forecast. >>> an intense standoff unfolding at a san francisco pot club this morning. we'll tell you why the s.w.a.t. team was called to this building and we'll tell you about the wanted man we're told is inside. >> reporter: a two-hour police standoff in a quiet neighborhood in san mateo. we will tell you what happened inside the hospital, what workers there are telling us this morning. >>> also --
Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
of the university of central florida. is a student had planned to kill people near his dorm but changed his mind killed themselves. >> police say james seev sku marn had some homemade bombs, and an assault weapon, a handgun, and under the rows of ammunition in his dorm long. authorities believe he pulled a fire alarm just after midnight common plant tissue students said they left the building. one student called police and is believed the south as iras may have made the suspect rethink his plan. >> first soda now cigarettes. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg is starting tobacco sales. he wants to require store to keep tobacco products out of sight unless an adult is buying something or employes are restocking. the goal is to crack down on young people smoking. the proposal would also ban selling tobacco products at a discount. there would be also the tougher penalties. >> 4:22 is the time. we will take a break. giving you a quick look at the toll plaza as you make your way toward the oakland side of the toll plaza heading into san francisco. what we're looking at the east bay temperatures
Mar 14, 2013 11:00am PDT
to change that. and i think the real problem is that there isn't that system of checks and balances that we have in our judicial system. >> think that will change ever? ? i do think it will change, but i will say in our system, in the civilian system, a judge can also overturn a jury's verdict, so that is the same. it's just so rarely done and it's an appellate process as opposed to what appears to be just one person being allowed to make that decision. i do think, brooke, that's going to change. >> we'll watch for the changes, sunny hostin and anu, thank you p both. >>> we are just getting breaking news. breaking news here, after months and months after the attack on benghazi, new word on someone in custody. more on that after this break. that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink. are you kidding? no. nah. [ telephone rings ] no. not my style. no. [ cellphone rings ] [ man ] you might like this one. aveeno®. aveeno®. let me think about it. [ male announcer ] the beautiful jennifer aniston now for aveeno®. [ male announcer
Mar 18, 2013 4:35am EDT
intention to change this. also did a similar notification to a senior representative of the pilots association. the homelandd security advisory council for the department of homeland security in september of last year on this idea. i got feedback in a closed setting with them. yes, there were several opportunities. of course, with the international community, the european union, with canada and australia. >> i will switch off of that. i am sure some other members make up for it. in your testimony before the appropriations subcommittee, you mentioned the delay in funding for tsa credential in infrastructure program and may delay the development of deployment of changes. can you tell me more about the programs and more that would occur? >> as you know, we're very much interested in moving forward with a universal enrollment plan which would allow for card, othera vetting, to be consolidated. is delaying the implementation of testing for the one visit which we're so much interested in. yes, there is a potential for that. if we do not get through this, we will be adversely affected on
Mar 5, 2013 4:30am PST
last night. it also voted to have city staff research a potential ordinance that would change the town's policies on gun dealers. now, the moves are in response to the opening of templar sports. it's a new gun store that opened in los gatos in late december. many people in the town felt they should have had a public debate before it was allowed to open its doors. >>> the oakland police department has new oversight this morning. a judge naming former baltimore police commissioner thomas frazier as compliance director. frazier's role allows him to spend city money and overrule top commanders to get oakland police back on track with reforms that were supposed to be completed five years ago. he could also have power to fire police chief howard jordan if the department continues to lag. as for chief jordan, he says he has worked with frazier in the past. during the occupy oakland conflict and says he's looking forward to working with him again. >> good morning. it's 4:38. we're hours away until that rain hits the bay area. meteorologist rob mayeda, how are we looking? >> looks like we're go
Mar 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
, virginia tonight. thanks. >>> now to air travel and the tsa's plan to change the rules back to before 911 and allow people to bring small knives on board aircraft. flight attendants came out against this rule change yesterday. then today the air marshals slammed the decision. nbc's pete williams in our d.c. newsroom with more on this tonight. pete? >> reporter: brian, some family members of people killed on 911 are saying they don't like the idea in addition to the federal air marshals. the tsa announced yesterday that starting april 25th, airline passengers can carry on knives that have folding blades up to about 2 1/3 inches long. slightly more than the height of a dollar bill. knives with longer or locking blades will still be banned. so will box cutters and razor blades. a representative for the nation's federal air marshals who are responsible for in-flight security describes them as being, quote, very upset and says the decision puts them at greater risk. relatives of some of the 9/11 victims say a pocketknife can be just as dangerous as a box cutter and a group representing flight
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am PST
a volunteer worker at a wildli wildli wildlife reserve near fresno. >>> facebook is announcing changes to its news feed today making photos and videos bigger and allowing users to customized what shows up in their news feed. >> facebook announced a new hire. they hired a new board member. >> the second woman to sit on the board. a well respected doctor and researcher. >> she's the chancellor of ucsf a and is seen here. some of the money coming from facebook's mark zuckerberg himself. the faa says this morning it's going to close air traffic control towers run by private contractors at small airports. the cuts will come in april assuming there's no budget deal. san jose's small airport is not affected but san carlos is. south county is south perform highway 101 to morgan hill will be unaffected. it doesn't have a control tower. you can land at san carlos. it will be an uncontrolled airspace. >>> the dow industrials opened at another record this morning. index of 30 stocks exciting the market. a lot thanks to low interest rates. both the bank of england and european central bank announced a few
Mar 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
anti-gay comments stages a bizarre local protest. >>> plus, from r&b legend to killer to a changed man. how a bay area singer is making his comeback after spending almost 40 years behind bars. >>> and a plea for the public's help. the injured animal found in the south bay and why wildlife officials say it was no accident. >>> a judge is asking it for more information before deciding whether a sexual abuse lawsuit against an east bay school district wi district can go forward. a swim coach at cal says in the 1990s she was sexually abused by two teachers. a whistleblower has since come forward saying she was a teacher back then, tried to alert the district after students came forward with similar accusations but the district did not respond. the attorney says the district was concealing information. >> as the case progresses another damning story, more damning evidence that this was an intentional cover-up. the district knew a pedophile was in their midst and yet they deliberately concealed it and did nothing to protect the students. >> an attorney for the district argued there may be an
Mar 15, 2013 5:00am PDT
with leadership and fiscal planning. the college has been making changes, tightening their belt, but the students and staff don't like it. >> more financial accountability more stream lined administration. a closer look at how we manage our facilities. closer look at how we track student success. >> no one has been disappointed and quality of the education they get here. it has been mostly a financial management problem. >> a particular sticking point is the $16 million city college got from san francisco's proposition a. students and staff wanted the money to go to help the cuts but the school put it in a reserve fund. the accreditation commission will decide on city college in june. there is actually a second legal deadline impacting city college. the school has to pass out pink slips to employees today who might be laid off in the coming months. >> katie marzullo, thank you. a man responsible for keeping our borders safe is facing charges of distributing child pornography on the intent. we uncovered this story and you will see it only on abc7 news. a homeland security agent and an investigatio
Mar 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
because they're going to ruin the perpetrator's life. and that is wrong. that's what we need to change. we need to change the conversation entirely and focus on the choices and the actions of the person who committed the crime. because the only reason rain happens is rapists choose to commit rape. that is what we need to be talking about. and instead we always about what the victims could have and should have done to avoid rape, and that's completely wrong. >> erin, how do we push past this identification with the two young men, the boys in this case and focus squarely again on this female victim, because it seems some people are blaming the victim because they knew the details, like the damning text messages sent. do you think people are aware of the broader context? >> i'm inspired by the bravery of this young woman who testified in front of her accusers and went against the tide in a town that worshipped football and football players. in terms of the town now it looks like there's going to be a grand jury convened. i think there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the act
Mar 29, 2013 4:30am PDT
warm inland in advance of this system which is now just approaching. it will mean big changes for the weekend. today if you're away from the coast. mid 70s. a lot of fog coast and bay. >>> there is a lot of fog. if you're driving across the bay bridge chp wants you to know it's very foggy there so use caution. that traffic looks pretty good with no major problems. also the morning commute is looking good at the toll plaza. again we are talking about the fog. steve and i will be the fog brothers. we'll tell you more about that coming up. now back to pam. >>> topping our news we are tracking overnight new which is many san francisco's western edition neighborhood where two people were injured in a shooting. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is in san francisco this morning at san francisco general hospital to explain what police are saying about the shootout between two cars. tara. >> reporter: well, this is where one of the victims drove himself after being shot and we don't know his exact condition but we do know he is expected to survive. police say last night actually ea
Mar 6, 2013 4:00am EST
a constructive relationship with the venezuelaial government." it doesn't seem as if too much will change. after announcing the death, interim president maduro said he will expel a u.s. military official for meeting with military officers. >> translittranslator: you all the united states, the imperialist elite who look down on our people, have the objective of destroying the independence, democracy, and peaceful life of our country. they have decided to put in motion plans for the global destabilization of venezuelan society. >>> coming up on the show, we'll speak to one guest who believes there was already a risk of continued instability in venezuela even before news broke of chavez's death. we'll see whether the view has changed in around ten minutes. >>> we'll get a take on latin america as a whole, including what investment opportunities exist in brazil amid faltering economic growth. >>> plus, we'll be in hong kong for a few on whether new measures by beijing to curb the rampant property market will have a lasting impact. >>> and as london plays host at cable congress 2013, we'll have exclu
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
changes directions all of a sudden the wind will change another direction and blow you across into the other lane. >> reporter: the storm also left parts of new york wind whipped and blanketed under show. on the new jersey shore the battered coastline saw some of the worst flooding since superstorm sandy. >> it's devastating, devastating to see the towns go through this all over again when they're trying to get it together and come back. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of winter storms that hammered the region in the last month and has many looking forward to spring. >> they're saying 50 degrees by the weekend so i'm looking forward to that. it's been a rough winter. >> reporter: so the forecasters say this is going to continue for the rest of the morning, and then the storm is supposed to move out to sea. it's supposed to be nice here this weekend. >> not going to happen. jim axelrod thank you. >>> in europe's westchester count county in new york drivers are facing slick roads up to six inches of snow are expected there. meteorologist jeff gir
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